Weekly Schedule

A worship service at Columbia City Church of Hope in Seattle, WA.


Our gatherings are interactive — sharing music, prayer concerns, good news, reflections, and ritual. There are no requirements for what you should look like or believe or say.  We are an informal community with many opportunities for participation within the service, valuing authenticity over decorum and perfection. Children and their occasional bursts of energy are welcomed and celebrated, including kids with social and behavioral challenges.

Everyone is welcome: old, young, gay, straight, doubters, believers, fence-sitters, activists, scientists, poets, and slackers. Come as you are!

Children enjoying Sunday School at Columbia City Church of Hope in Seattle, WA.

Sunday School

Children are welcome in the service at all times or they may join our Sunday School teachers for an interactive lesson on the week's readings while the rest of the congregation reflects on the weekly readings. We have two age groups for Sunday School: elementary aged and preschool. Many parents choose to stay with their young children in the preschool class, though this is not required. Children are welcomed back into the service for communion and closing songs.

Parents who would like to keep their children in worship may be assured that their joyful (and not-so-joyful) noises are all embraced as part of the gift of welcoming children among us!

We are a constantly evolving church and are open to your ideas on new ways to welcome and serve kids.



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