We are a church for the old, young, gay, straight, trans, doubters, believers, fence-sitters, activists, scientists, poets, and slackers.


There is a place for you here.

As a new community of faith, we seek to awaken to God's presence in the midst of ordinary life. Together, we are figuring out what it means to notice and take part in all the ways that God shows up in the world. We are creating a radically inclusive space where everyone can be real. We trust that we can bring our whole selves here and honestly address the struggles within our own lives and in society. God (and the community) can handle it—and find the beauty in it.

We ask hard questions of God and ourselves, and we freely express our doubts and struggles as we explore the complexities and mysteries of life. We work for justice, especially for those who are systematically denied it: people experiencing homelessness, those who identify as LGBT, People of Color, those who are economically marginalized. We believe in the universal truth that we’re all connected. Together, we explore faith, nurture spirituality, build community, and serve the world.

As our Mission Statement says, we are a progressive faith community rooted in God’s grace and acceptance where we work together toward justice, love, and wholeness.

Join us to see for yourself how this community of grace can be a nurturing, challenging, transformative place for you!


The congregation singing during worship service at Columbia City Church of Hope in Seattle, WA.

What to expect when you visit

Grab a cup of coffee, make a nametag, and gradually settle in.

Many parts of the service are interactive, so our pews are set up in the round. One section includes a rug, toys, and books for parents and young children.

We begin each service with Gathering. We join in a prayer of confession and forgiveness and receive the assurance of God's love and mercy. We share stories of good news.

Next, kids are invited join our children's ministry leader for an interactive lesson (or they are always welcome to stay with parents) as we turn to the Word. We hear readings from the Bible and reflect on how our own stories echo in the ancient story.


We value participation over excellence.

In the Meal of communion, we hear God's promises to be present with us even in the most ordinary and intimate of ways, in eating and drinking.

Afterwards, we spend some time sharing snacks and coffee and conversations with each other.

We value participation over excellence, and you may always choose how and how much you want to participate. Some people come with partners and children, some people don't. Some of our children are loud during service. Some of them are quiet. Some kids (and grownups) need to move around. All of these are welcome.


Listen to Sermons

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Looking for an inexpensive space to rent?

Our spaces are available! Click Here for more information.

Rent our beautiful sanctuary space!

Rent our beautiful sanctuary space!